We are Hierophant

An exciting new multimedia collective

Hierophant is an English language journal for anti-decadent thought, art and culture. What do we mean by “anti-decadent”? Well, we’re passionately opposed to forces of material, intellectual, cultural and spiritual decline, in the West and the wider world. We aim to foster an anti-decadent counterculture through forward-thinking metapolitical action, and as such host articles on a range of subjects as well as prose, poetry and visual art. For more information visit our “About” section.

Four Lustrations | Caspar Santacroce
A series of prose poems by Caspar Santacroce.
Marble hands | The Tourist
A poem by The Tourist.
A silent solitary tear | Rievaulx
A short prose poem by Rievaulx.
Shifting in time | Hakudoshi
A poem by Hakudoshi.
The Aphrodisiac: Chapter I – The Birth of Venus | Juris Prudish
Cassandra suffers a miscarriage, but can't shake the impression the nurses are …
The Imaginary Butler | Rievaulx
A Christmassy (ish) surreal slice of life story.
It wasn’t ecstasy I felt | Hakudoshi
A poem by Hakudoshi.
Beyond National Service: The Ideal of the Militia | Rievaulx
A plan for national health and virility.
Most strangers look like statues | Hakudoshi
A poem by Hakudoshi.
Man and Superman | G.K. Chesterton
G.K. Chesterton deconstructs the Superman.
Our Conception of Art | Rievaulx
Hierophant's artistic manifesto.
The Aphrodisiac: Prologue | Juris Prudish
Introduction to a sci-fi dystopia by Juris Prudish.
For A New Christianity | Rievaulx
A proposal for the future religion of the West.
An Empty Highway | Josh Walker
A prescient tale of awkward romance in an America in flames.
It’s time for the right to stop pinning its dreams on the establishment | Harry J. Fitzpatrick
Conservatism is a moribund ideology.
Popular National Monarchy: An Ideal of Government for Post-Revolutionary England | Rievaulx
Rievaulx breaks with democracy.