Hierophant is an English language journal for anti-decadent thought, art and culture; futurist and civilisational in focus. Est. September 2020.

A printed publication is to be released soon. For enquiries and submissions email contact@hierophant.co.uk

Our philosophy (recommended reading):
Total Depravity
Our Conception of Art
It’s time for the right to stop pinning its dreams on the establishment

Editorial team:
Rievaulx – @rievaulx_
H. Aminophilum – @mycol0gic
Harry J. Fitzpatrick

Other contributors:
Hakudoshi – @curablefury
Josh Walker – @MonarchistSpirt
Juris Prudish – @JurisPrudish

Affiliated websites:
www.rievaulx.net – Rievaulx’s blog
www.curablefury.com – Hakudoshi’s blog